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What if I can't provide nutritional counseling in my State?

Even if your state restricts nutritional counseling, PTs can still learn about nutrition and its impact on health and healing. Any healthcare provider can provide nutrition counseling for general health reasons. Also, PTs routinely take courses on surgical and medical procedures even though they are not legally permitted to implement such treatments. As such, our courses can still be used for patient education, appropriate referral, and/or collaboration with other providers in specific disease-related cases. Learn more about state guidelines here.

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Nutritional Physical Therapy FAQs

What nutrition courses do you offer? Is there a bundled course offering with discount?

Our expert team offers you 3 online courses in nutrition, which you can take at your own pace. Interval quizzes throughout the course and an exam will be provided at the end of each course.

We do offer all 3 of courses to be purchased in a bundle with a 20% discount, saving you nearly $60 and getting you on your path to earning your CNPT® faster! Click the button below and save.

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Where are the courses approved?

All courses are approved by the Florida Physical Therapy Association, a component of the APTA. Such approval allows our courses to likely be accepted in 88% of the United States. Please click here to learn if your State accepts our FPTA-approved courses. Lastly, accreditation of this course does not necessarily imply the FPTA, APTA, or other components of the APTA, support the views of the presenter or the sponsors. ysical Therapy, an approved provider of the APTA. Prospective students desiring continuing education credit are urged to check with their state continuing education requirements before enrolling in our programs.

How many CEUs do you offer for PTs and PTAs? How many times can I take the exams?

The total number of continuing education units (CEUs) for all 3 courses equals to 9 CEUs for the entire course collection and CNPT® certification. Becoming credentialed as a Certified Nutritional Physical Therapist (CNPT®) is one of the best ways to show your commitment to current evidence and modern physical therapy practice for your patients. All three courses have been approved for 3 CEUs each in Florida. As such, PTs are eligible for 9 total CEUs. They are also approved for PTAs, 3 CEHs each, for 9 total CEHs.

All participants can take the final exam for each course up to 3 times.

Can I skip courses... I want to take the advanced course?

In order to obtain the credential of Certified Nutritional Physical Therapist (CNPT®) a physical therapist must complete all three courses in sequence and the final course review and exam to become certified. The three courses are designed to progressively advance a physical therapist’s education in nutrition. As such practitioners will need to take the course in the sequences they are provided (IN, AND, SNP). Rare exceptions to this rule will be made on a case-by-case basis, particularly to those that have credentials with nutrition or dietetics.

I'm a PT or a PTA, why should I take a nutrition course?

Nutrition is a vital component to recovery, yet physical therapists lack the training and education to counsel patients on food. Food can alter inflammation, reduce pain, and even change disease states. Nutritional concepts, taught by expert physical therapists, are essential to advancing your standard of care for your patients. PTs can offer evaluation and treatment of some conditions, in some States, using nutrition. PTAs can also help through patient education, offering treatment support, and engaging patients to lead healthier lives holistically. 

Do I have to be a PT or PTA to take the courses?

You do not have to be a PT or a PTA to take the courses, but you must be a licensed PT to earn the CNPT. Physical Therapy Assistants are eligible to take all 3 courses, and all three are approved for PTA CEHs in Florida. Physical Therapists are eligible to take all available courses, including the course series for the Certified Nutritional Physical Therapist (CNPT®). Other courses, as they come available, will be available to other practitioners - stay tuned!

Is nutrition counseling right for me as a PT? What about CEUs?

Recently the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) House of Delegates (HOD) passed a measure stating that PTs can and should provide nutritional counseling within their scope of training and education. (Get the PDF here) The courses and certificate included in this institue will provide you with the essential training and education for you to help some of your patients in a more holisitic and effective way. Understand certain states have laws regarding nutritional counseling, and this course may or may not be sufficient to meet those standards. It is the responsibility of the enrolling physical therapist to know his/her own practice act for that state of practice. It is also the enrolling PTs role to know how providing nutritional counseling alters their professional liability exposure and coverage. Some parts of these concepts will be covered in course material but do not replace good judgement and investigation of appropriate state and Federal laws by the enrolling therapist.

How are PTs verified to use the CNPT® Credential?

After successful completion of all 3 courses, the student will email the course instructor a copy or screenshot of their active PT license to [email protected] to obtain the certification for the Certified Nutritional Physical Therapist (CNPT®). Recent graduates and students enrolled in doctors of physical therapy program will be accepted on a case-by-case basis and should also contact the instructors using the above email address.

What kind of mentoring or consultations does your team offer?

Integrating nutrition into your physical therapy practice can be a challenge initially, but it can yield better outcomes and possibly improve your revenue stream. Our Physical Therapy experts offer mentoring for rising physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. Our mentoring program is 3 months in duration and includes 12 video conferences, instant access for nutrition questions, and 3 assignments with specific feedback for PT practice. Our mentoring rate is $900 for a 3 month mentoring program. We can also provide consultation with a licensed therapist on a case for patient care regarding nutrition and physical therapy practice. Our consult rates are $250 per case, which includes a one hour-long video conference and a one 30 minute follow up call.

How are the courses formatted?

Our courses use a multimedia approach incorporating written material, videos, and links to other websites. We also have quizzes and exams to test your knowledge. The content is reading-focused, it is not in lecture style format.

What is your refund policy?

As per our agreement at purchase, and consistent with most online PT continuing education providers, we will provide a full refund within 24 hours of accessing the course(s). After 24 hours no refund will be offered. Just contact our team by email and we will help you.

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