Course III: Specialized Nutrition for Physical Therapists

As a PT, providing useful nutrition tips may help "nudge" the patient in the right direction -- but here you will delve deeper into the emerging research, lifespan and specialty areas of PT to under specialized nutrition for select PT patients and how it can create massive physical therapy outcomes? 


Our Third Course Offering

The Specialized Topics for Nutrition Course (SNP) is an advanced course focused on disease modification, supplementation, gut-biome, gut-brain interactions, and more.

Access Easily, Online

This online course lasts 3 hours and includes multiple modules (worth 3 CEHs). It can be taken at your own pace. There will be brief quizzes throughout the course and an end-of-course exam.

Earn 3 CEU's

That's right! This course will provide 3 CE credits (CEHs) for PTs and PTAs approved by the Florida Board of Physical Therapy Association (FTPA), plus reciprocal acceptance in 44 states. Click to find your state.

Approved in 44 States!

Our courses have reciprocal acceptance with 44 States! In NV, NY, OH, or OK, you can click to take the courses through Emobdia or WebEx for possible CEUs. 

Course Overview

Dr. Sean M. Wells, DPT, PT, OCS, ATC/L, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, Cert-DN, shares information about course 3: Specialized Topics for Nutrition.

Who The Course is For:

Individuals who want a specialist's knowledge in nutrition specific physical therapy. The SNP course will be the capstone course for you to achieve your Certified Nutritional Physical Therapy (CNPT) credential

Here's What You'll Learn

Objectives: At the conclusion of the course, PTs will be able to:

  1. Explain the concept of systemic inflammation and how it can negatively impact physical therapy and patient outcomes
  2. Describe how systemic inflammation can come from a patient’s diet and how it can delay healing and promote pain
  3. Outline a diet prescription for a patient with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and/or tendon pain according to peer-reviewed evidence
  4. Explain common evidenced-based supplementations used for conditions commonly seen in PT practice
  5. Explain what constitutes the gut biome
  6. Articulate how the gut biome influences multiples systems, especially the brain, which can impact recovery from injuries seen in PT practice
  7. Describe the clinical dietary assessment and  needs of women that are pregnant to reduce pain, prevent pelvic floor dysfunction, and promote health for baby
  8. Detail the clinical dietary assessment and needs of infants to promote development
  9. Explain the the clinical dietary assessment and needs of older adults to improve balance, cognition, prevent falls/fractures
  10. Describe the clinical dietary needs for athletes to improve performance, optimize recovery, and prevent injury
  11. Describe the impact of diet on PT management related to the integumentary system
  12. Appraise the evidence and need for testing and treatment of patients for food allergies, toxins, and other emerging concepts
  13. Analyze and make recommendations for patient cases related to nutrition and: athletes, older adults, pregnancy, arthritis, gut biome, and chronic pain.

What to Expect:

The 3 hour online course can be taken at your own pace and is presented in a multimedia approach including visual, auditory, and interactive components to optimize your learning. Brief quizzes throughout the course and an end-of-course exam will promote retention and success in achieving the course objectives. The content is reading-focused, it is not in lecture style format

Approved in 44 States Including Florida Physical Therapy Association (FPTA)

This course is approved by the Florida Physical Therapy Association (FPTA), a component of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) for Florida CE credit for physcial therapists (PTs) or Physical Therapy Assistants (PTAs). 

Plus reciprocal acceptance in 44 states. Click to find your state. In CA, NV, NY, OH, OK, or TX, you can click to take the courses through Emobdia or WebEx for CEUs. 

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Don't fear the unknown -- nutrition ought not be as complex as you might think. Plus, a referral to a registered dietician is always a play in the PT playbook! Let's get started!!!


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