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 Join the thousands of physical therapists who have taken our continuing education courses on nutrition and see how food can improve your patient outcomes!

Is Nutritional Counseling Right for Me?

You can expand your knowledge on nutrition and PT and earn physical therapy CEUs with our evidenced based, online courses.

See what the APTA says: 

Did you know that the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) House of Delegates (HOD) recently passed a measure stating that PTs can and should provide nutritional counseling within their scope of training and education?

Hear what Dr. Sean M. Wells, DPT, PT, OCS, ATC/L, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, Cert-DN has to say about the need for Nutritional Physical Therapy education.

Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses (CEH/CEU)

Explore our courses on nutrition that you can take for physical therapy ceus. Our expert team offers ceu courses in nutrition, which you can take at your own pace. Take all 3 and become a Certified Nutritional Physical Therapists (CNPT®).

Course I: Introduction to Nutrition

Want to learn more about nutrition and need the basics to help guide your patients to making good, healthy choices that will improve their quality of life and outcomes? Start here with our first course.

- Earn 3 physical therapy CEUs (CEHs), complete course at your own pace

- An introductory online course specific to PTs and PTAs

- Content includes: macronutrients, calories, food groups and daily requirements in respect to a normal, healthy population.

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Course II: Nutrition Assessment/ Prescription

Learn how being able to assess a patient's diet and make concrete recommendations can make the difference in a person's life. Nutrition services can also be a major booster to your bottom line, both through outcomes improvement and billable services.

- Earn 3 physical therapy CEUs (CEHs), complete course at your own pace

-An intermediate-level nutrition knowledge for PTs  and PTA's

- Content includes how to take a diet history, using diet tests/measures, and providing a dietary assessment and prescription for diseases

Learn More About Course 2

Course III: Specialized Nutrition for PTs

Emerging research on the gut biome, inflammation, allergies, and supplementation will be covered. This course will also cover diet topics spanning the lifespan with a focus on pediatrics and older adults.

- Earn 3 physcial therapy CEUs (CEHs), complete course at your own pace

- An advanced course

- Focused on disease modification, supplementation, gut-biome, gut-brain interactions, and nutrition content for PT specialty areas (e.g. Women's Health, Wound Care, Neuro, Ortho, Sports, Oncology)

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Nutritional Physical Therapy 3 Course Bundle

Get all 3 of the above ceu courses for physical therapy, 9 hours of CEU credits, and save!

Save a bundle. Save over $60 by purchasing all 3 of our online, board-approved, PT continuing education courses for $239.00. The bundle includes Course I: Introduction to Nutrition, Course II: Nutrition Assessment / Prescription, and Course III: Specialized Nutrition for PTs. 

Take all 3 and become a Certified Nutritional Physical Therapists (CNPT®)

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Learn More About Our CEU Courses for Physcial Therapy

Expand your knowledge base through our online courses to provide better care for your patients and be on the cutting edge of PT. These courses are appropriate for Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapist Assistant,  Athletic Trainers, Registered Nurses and Nursing Home Admins.

Each of our physical therapy CEU courses will provide 3 CE credits (CEHs) for PTs and PTAs approved by the Florida Physical Therapy Association (FPTA). If you are not in Florida, we have reciprocal acceptance with many states.

Learn Basic Nutritional Information

Assess Diets and Patients

Assess diets and patients to understand when to make food changes or refer out to another provider

Provide Recommendations

Provide evidence-based diet and food recommendations for select patients to optimize recovery, reduce pain, and alter inflammation

Educate Patients

Educate patients on the benefits and drawbacks to certain food choices and diet plans

Are Courses Approved for Physcial Therapy CEUs in Your State? 88% Of States Accept Our Courses

As of Jan 2022, our courses have reciprocal acceptance with 44 States. You can enroll here today!

If you reside in NV, OH or OK and would like to earn continuing education credits, please click here to enroll in the course through Emobdia or WebEx, where CEUs can be possibly earned (not approved in CA, NY, MN and TX).

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Take All 3 Physical Therapy CEU Courses and Earn the Certified Nutritional Physical Therapist (CNPT®) Certification

Our expert team offers you 3 online courses in nutrition. If you choose to take all 3 ceu courses for phsycal therapy, you will earn the title of Certified Nutritional Physical Therapist (CNPT®). The courses and certificate included in this institue will provide you with the essential training and education for you to help some of your patients in a more holisitic and effective way.

Why Be Certified

Our Mission & Team

We educate and certify modern physical therapists on nutrition, as it relates to physical therapy practice, using evidenced-based standards.

Meet Our Team

"Probably the best certification level course I have taken in over a decade!"

Dr. Erson Religioso
PT, Eclectic Approach and Manual Therapist Owner

"I have wanted to better serve my patients by expanding my knowledge of nutrition and PT and now I have the confidence and educational resources to do just that!"

Andrew Cook
Physical Therapist, NC

"I found this course to be a lot of knowledge, informative and immediately applicable to my practice."

Mary P.
Physical Therapist, FL

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