PT Nutrition Guidelines by State

Can You Offer Nutrition Advice in the State You Practice In?

Nutrition Career Requirement Laws By State

If you are wondering if you can offer nutrition advice in the state you practice in, has created a reference guide. 

Can You Provide Nutrition Advice in Your State?

Anyone can perform nutrition counseling on their own, and the APTA House of Delegates (HOD) recently passed a measure stating that PTs can and should provide nutritional counseling within their scope of training and education. But what about your state specifics?

  • Although there is no legal opposition to individuals performing nutrition counseling on their own, insurance limitations regarding reimbursement eligibility may apply.
  • The answer to whether anyone can perform nutrition counseling on their own remains yes, however only an RD (Registered Dietitian) is accredited and authorized to be recognized by the US Government as performing services that are eligible for reimbursement under the current health care laws.
  • Unless an individual is licensed (or exempt in some cases), that individual cannot legally perform specific nutrition counseling. Additional licenses are available for nutritionists not interested in becoming an RD.
  • Unless an individual is licensed (or exempt in some cases), that individual cannot legally perform specific nutrition counseling. The fact remains that unless one becomes licensed as an RD, they would remain ineligible.


What Does This Mean for You? 

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